Thank Nature for Winter!

All year round I look forward to Winter like most people look forward to the weekend. Seasonal depression effects aside, it’s a much more pleasing time of year for me practically, aesthetically, and just in general. With Summer, temperatures are (usually) hot enough to make even relaxing on the sofa unbearable; it’s light from stupid o’clock in the morning until 11pm and sometimes later, making sleep almost impossible and meaning drunken idiot teenagers are still walking the streets; fashion dictates that girls wear practically nothing, which unfortunately trickles through to teens/pre-teens, meaning everywhere you look there’s underdressed minors.. Spring and Autumn have their positives, such as cherry blossoms and dying leaves, but for me Winter is the best time of year.

The cold is easy for me to deal with. For starters, I’m not exactly slim, so I have some natural insulation. If I do get cold, I can simply wear an extra layer, or turn the heating on/snuggle under my duvet if I’m inside. The lack of daylight means relaxing/napping is easier, drunken idiots are less likely to be walking around, leading to a much more peaceful night. And then there’s the scenery.

One of the few times I’ve truly felt at peace with the world and myself was on a walk through freezing fog with John Frusciante’s epic album The Empyrean playing on my iPod. The way the streetlights catch the fog and creates a glittery effect in the air. As for snow, well, the pictures below speak for themselves.

And that’s just the UK.

Winter, to me, is just the perfect time of year for just about anything. Bring on the cold, dark, snow filled nights.

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(Photo sources: top, middle, bottom)

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