A new, if temporary, peace in Gaza

Before I talk about the new ceasefire, I’d just like to thank all who read and currently follow this blog. This week I broke two small milestones-over 100 views and five followers. Thank you; you give the encouragement I need to keep posting.

A new ceasefire has been declared in Gaza City between Israel and Palestine. The latest bout of offensive attacks comes after Israel launched a ‘surgical airstrike’, killing the Hamas’ head of military operations in a move it called retaliatory. This is just the latest bout of violence to happen in decades worth of struggle between the two states, and the ceasefire was announced only a couple of days after Israel’s Iron Dome defence system became fully operational.

The negotiations came to a head 9pm Wednesday evening between the heads of both states, mediated by the Egyptian Foreign Minister and the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, the fears that violence may break out again are always present, and Israel have already stated that any attack from Gaza on themselves will be blamed on Hamas.

Whether this is enough to enable any long-term prospects of change no-ones really quite sure. But after nearly 150 deaths in just 8 days of fighting, peace is a most welcome thing, temporary or otherwise.

I used CNN’s articles for this post, but the BBC are just as comprehensive if you prefer them and would like to be more educated on the matter.

See you Sunday


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