Guns, giant anacondas, and dumbass Navy Seals-my top 5 news stories of the week

Good evening and welcome to this weeks edition of my top 5 news posts of the week. I hope you had a good Remembrance Sunday.

Before I list this weeks stories, I’m going to take a moment to shamelessly plug my friend Catherine’s new blog, She’s an awesome person and just starting out, but she has big ideas and a great way with words, so check it out!

UK Work and Pensions Secretary tells the poor to stop having kids

Ian Duncan Smith, the UK Secretary for Work and Pensions, has told Britain’s poor to stop having kids as it isn’t fair on those who work. This comes with the announcement that he will be limiting payments of child benefit awards to the first two children only, which is to be the first of many cuts to the benefit sector. Apparently, Mr Cameron doesn’t want to be re-elected. (Source: Daily Record)

Batshit insane diver swims with 26 foot long anacondas

Swiss diver Franco Banfi swum and photographed 26 foot long anacondas in Brazil, because apparently he didn’t learn from the death of Steve Irwin. The father of two said he wasn’t worried as the snake had just eaten. Can’t help but feel if I was faced with this it wouldn’t matter. (Source: Daily Mail)

Navy SEAL team punished for releasing confidential info to EA for new Medal of Honour game

Seven idiots from SEAL Team 6 who apparently were living under a rock when the Wikileaks fallout happened have been punished after showing their equipments and classified information  to Electronic Arts, or EA. Although they apparently got off lightly with a letter of reprimand and two months pay docked, compared to the still imprisoned Bradley Manning. Still, a promising career in consulting for game makers awaits boys. (Source: CNN)

Obama re-election increases gun sales

Because Americans seem to enjoy enforcing their stereotypes, sales of semi automatic rifles have increased as people panic buy in fear of tighter regulations now Obama remains in power. Apparently the phrase ‘more money than sense’ means nothing to them. (Source: CNN)

Kim Dotcom wants to provide free broadband for New Zealand by suing the US

Kim Dotcom, aka that guy who used to run MegaUpload, has said that with the money he intends to win from the US government and Hollywood studios for illegally having him arrested, seizing his assets, and destroying his business, to build free broadband internet for all in New Zealand. This blatant attempt to have them suck on his man boobs comes as he tries to make people like him before his extradition hearing in March.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll bungle his lawsuit too and he succeeds in his plans. Stranger things have happened…

Elected for two terms. Good job.

That concludes this weeks post. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, and please check out my friends blog. Have a great evening.




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