Bizarre lawsuits, incorruptible Indian bureaucrats, and yet more leaked US secrets-my Top 5 News Stories of the Week

Welcome to the second edition of my Top 5 News Stories of the Week, where I list the stories that have most caught my eye, whether they be serious or ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous…

Chinese man sues his wife for being ugly…and wins.

When Jian Feng had a daughter with his wife, he was appalled that the child was, in his terms, ‘incredibly ugly’. Further displaying his ability to be a giant douche, he then accused his wife of cheating on him.

It later transpired that before she met Feng, she had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to make herself look more attractive. While that’s not really the sort of thing that just slips your mind, you’d think news like that would awake some sympathy, or at least some tact. But apparently in Jian Feng it woke further desire to prove how much of a douche he can be. He promptly took his wife to court, claiming she got him to marry her under false pretences.

In most parts of the world, you’d probably be laughed at for doing such a thing. In China however, you apparently win the lawsuit and get awarded $120,000, because apparently China has no shortage of douchebags.

Indian bureaucrat forced to move positions 43 times for fighting corruption

Ashok Khemka is an Indian bureaucrat who really hates corruption in government. His bosses, however, feel rather differently, so every time he tries to uncover it all, they push him on to someone else. This has happened 43 times suggesting that he really doesn’t fear the unemployment line. His more recent whistle blowing incident, and the reason for his sudden fame, involved and inquiry lead by him into allegations that the son-in-law of India’s most powerful politician was involved in shady land deals. If only more governments had men (or women) like him.

Britain bounce back from double dip recession! Well, more like slowly standing up from the gutter..

It’s been announced that Britain are now out of their recession, and almost everyone is jumping for joy, leaving the realists to point out that our growth was boosted in no small part by the Olympics last quarter.

The Office of National Statistics announced that GDP has increased in Q3 2012 compared with Q2 2012, and that only the construction sector has experienced a decreased output. While the Tories are running around laughing as their cuts have been vindicated, one very important question remains; what’s going to be the source of real, strong, future growth?

Assange to leak more US secrets

Julian Assange is apparently attention starved holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy, as he’s releasing yet more US Secrets into the public domain. The documents will include standard operating procedures for America’s favourite torture house, Guantanamo Bay, as well as documents related to the Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca prisons in Iraq. Because, you know, the American’s aren’t pissed with him enough.

11 Winterbourne View ‘carers’ get sentenced jail time, finally

Last year, the BBC show Panorama did an undercover investigation into the cruelty performed by ‘care workers’ at the home, Winterbourne View. The cruelty included slapping, beating, and soaking  patients with severe learning disabilities with water before throwing them outside in the cold. Last week, 11 of these sick people admitted 38 counts of cruelty and 6 of them have been jailed for a total of 7 years and 4 months, with the others getting suspended sentences.

Having watched the program, some of which can be found here, I personally think the sentences should be much longer. But that’s just me.

Thanks for reading, and as always if there’s any stories you feel belong here, or you have any views relating to the stories above, leave them in the comments below.



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