My local library is useless…

So today I went to my local library. Being recently unemployed and needing something good to read, I figure now’s as good a time as any to get the next book in the Song of Fire and Ice series, Clash of Kings. I went in, looked on their database to see if it was in, and it was apparently on display, which is where the trouble begins.

Turns out the library, like most places that involves customer service, puts on display books that are new, popular, or just plain shiny, so that people might see them and go ‘ooo, do want’. The only problem is, there’s over a dozen displays, and usually only one copy of each book, and no way to tell which book is where except by hoping the person who put them out remembers.

I start by asking the nearest assistant (who’s unfortunately the most useless) if she could help. 5 minutes later, it turns out she can’t. Baring in mind the book is 911 pages long, it really shouldn’t be much of a hassle to find.

We then ask another assistant, who again looks, and again can’t find it. Then she asks if we’ve checked the fantasy section (yup), then wonders if the label fell off, and then asked if we checked the crime section, before answering her own thought with,’ no it wouldn’t be there if the label fell off’, as it that was the only reason it wouldn’t be in the crime section.

They then check the system to see who did the display that morning, called said person who was handily still there, who pointed us in the general direction. Finally, after roughly 10 minutes, and with the help of 3 library assistants, I managed to check it out. Worst library experience, ever

Have you had any experiences with crap librarians/organisation? Or are you sympathetic to the librarians plight? Feel free to leave your stories and discuss in the comments below.

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2 comments on “My local library is useless…
  1. ? says:

    I think you’re being a bit harsh. You have no idea what being a librarian is like. It might not look it, but it can be very hard work. You checked the system, it said it was on display, so you look on all the displays. It’s not exactly asking much from you. You’re getting a book for free, the least you can do is not bitch at the people who are offering you an extremely good service.

    • My point is they didn’t offer extremely good service. It wasn’t in a obvious place, as shown by the fact that it took in effect 4 of us and 10 minutes to find it. I did look for the book myself before asking the librarian for help, to no avail. And there was the suggestion that a book from quite a famous fantasy saga might be in the crime section. I understand it’s probably a hard job, but it wasn’t a busy time at all.
      They do offer some good service. It’s just that particular time I found it quite poor.

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