Nostalgic ranting

A combination of going through the QC archives and reading the few posts where Marten and Dora start talking again and listening to Bastille has made me super nostalgic for summers past.


Going to a party I actually enjoyed and wanted to stay surrounded by people I knew and had all the time in the world for.


Magners in hand, Case or Ethan sat next to me,shooting the shit in the back garden or down the park.


Teaching Case how to play Magic: The Gathering on a bridge. Literally, sitting down, on a fucking bridge.


Doing shit with people in general.


It’s times like this that really make me question the benefits of working outside of the financial. We have a limited amount of time to enjoy life whilst our bodies are still capable of doing so, but we instead chose to spend a vast majority of that time working, and there’s a pretty strong chance that we sacrifice our health and well being in some way to do so. 


It just seems sad that our survival tends to heavily rely on sacrificing aspects of our life. It seems sad that in order to support ourselves we sacrifice years of our lives to what is usually repetitive tasks until we can no longer, when time is our most scarce resource. Our time should be invaluable, and yet we put hourly or yearly price tags on it.


And it seems sad that all the paragraphs you could write about the reasons we have to work, it all boils down to 1 sentence.


That’s just how life is.



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9 year old cancer patient becomes Police Chief for a day

If you go to Make A Wish’s site and looked up the most popular wishes, they’ll tell you that they come in four categories: I wish to go, I wish to be, I wish to meet, I wish to have. Jayvon Felton’s wish fell into the second category, ‘I wish to be the Detroit Police Chief’, and although it wasn’t organised by Make A Wish, it certainly happened.

Jayvon is 9 years old and has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. For the next few years he’ll be undergoing chemotherapy, meaning he’ll be kept home to avoid aggravating his weakened immune system. With this in mind, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan organised it with Detroit Police that he be worn in and act as Police Chief for a day, something his mum says he’s always wanted to be so he can ‘protect and help people’.

While he didn’t do anything official, other than look cute and jokingly give everyone the day off, it’s just one of those stories I love to read and write about. Good feels, yo.

What feel good stories have you read this week? Share and the happiness!


Love and junk


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So I review movies now

Last week I mentioned I’d be crossing off a few items on my list. Well tonight, I got my first movie review published on a site that isn’t mine!


Chris and Phil Present is a site that hosts movies reviews, news and podcasts. They’re also the guys who now send me DVDs to review, the first one being the post-apocalyptic The Colony, which actually wasn’t half bad.


So do me a favour? Check out my review, and let me know what you think. Even better, drop me a comment on there, or watch the flick and share your own thoughts. 


Newsey post coming up soon based on the UK internet censorship scheme that works too well. Always fun, that.


Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do



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The List

So I never got round to making that video. Sue me.

The list is my version of a new years resolution. Instead of saying ‘I need to lose weight’, I picked 50 things that are more like ‘I would like to do this’. It’s also to a list of future experiences, be it online or offline gaming, out and about in a random city, or actually doing something for my birthday.

It’s also guilt free. There’s no pressure to do all 50 of these things, and chances are I won’t. That’s life. But the more I do, the more I get rewarded, from pizza to an actual holiday, something I haven’t had in over 10 years.

On the subject of the list, next Saturday I’ll be starting to kill 2 birds with one stone, but more on than later.

Hope you all had a great weekend,


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A Tale of Two Hoodies, or the art of a misinformed man

‘A Tale of Two Hoodies’ by Michael D’Antuono


Recently, well know artist Michael D’Antuono had the above painting that he was selling removed from eBay for the following reason:

“[t]he painting you listed appears to contain images or icons associated with the KKK which are not allowed to be listed on our site as they represent an organization that glorifies hate and violence.”

Naturally, this has got around the internet and several people have pointed out that you can actually buy KKK memorabilia on eBay. Further outrage was cause when George Zimmerman a.k.a. they guy who shot Trayvon Martin, and who inspired this piece, sold a painting on eBay for $100,000. Myself, however, was annoyed by the art itself.

The description posted on D’Antuono’s website regarding this piece reads ‘Inspired by the Trayvon Martin case, this painting symbolizes the travesty of racially profiling innocent children and how present day prejudices affect policy.’ The fact that it seems to be against racial profiling while it racially profiles all white cops as closet racists out to mess up a minority’s day is laughable, but there’s also the fundamental misunderstanding of the case. Yes, Zimmerman shot Martin, but it wasn’t because he was black, and it was because he was racist. It was because in the end, he was being assaulted.

You see, Treyvon wasn’t as angelic as the media images portrayed him to be. He was a seventeen year old kid who was only in the area because he’d been suspended for school for having drug residue at the bottom of his bag. Zimmerman, however, was by all accounts a model citizen, and comes from a multi-ethnic family. There had been a number of break-ins in the area and he was suspicious of Martin, just like most people would be if a new guy was walking around the neighbourhood at such a time. Yes, he was advised to stay indoors by the police line, and no he probably shouldn’t have followed him. At the same time, Treyvon shouldn’t have turned around and eventually assaulted Zimmerman, ultimately putting him in the position where he made the decision to end Martin’s life, fearing for his own.  Trayvon Martin wasn’t a victim of racial profiling, but of circumstance and his actions surrounding it.

Ultimately, this piece of art symbolises one man’s anger at an event he clearly didn’t bother to fully educate himself about. What’s worse is the afore-mentioned racial profiling of white police officers racially profiling a black child. This isn’t part of a solution to racial profiling, it’s part of the problem.

Peace and love


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New Year reboot

Don’t call it a come back, I’ll have hair for years-ZeFrank

Happy 2014! I hope you all had a great 2013 and have an even better 2014!

As you can tell in the title, and change of theme, I’m rebooting the blog! Starting with deleting the post about the prostitute site, mainly because  although it got the most, it went from comedic, to sad, to a spam attractor, so that got canned just like John Carter should have.

Also, I’ve added a few admin crap, but the main thing is I’m not going to restrain myself with schedules and stuff. I’m busy, I work, and there’s other cool shit in life, so why get stressed over and unwritten blog post? I’m hoping this transaltes into better posts, but only time will tell.

Also also, I’ve added a new page: The 2014 List. I’ll explain a bit more on Saturday via YouTube (yup, that’s finally a thing again) but essentially it’s my list of things I want get done this year and the rewards for doing so. Figured I’m more likely to stick to that than a New Years Resolution, plus it gives me chances to create more and more memories.

And now I’m going to go eat and emotionally prepare myself for new Sherlock!

Love you all


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The Escape Artist

You may have heard that David Tennant is starring in a new drama, and that it started last week. You may have even thought about watching.

Stop thinking. Go watch it. Right now.

I’ve just finished watching the first part and I still cannot get over how good it was.  It’s ridiculously gripping, filled with fantastic acting for everyone, a brilliant script, and just augh. It’s the only reason I’m still up. Well than and I still need to write 300 words for my NaNoWriMo, but more on that later.

Why are you still here? Go iPlayer it, now, last Tuesday at 9p.m.



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